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Uncompressed and pre-PBR textures.

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Lately I've been dabbling in giving old assets a facelift, both in terms of getting pre-PBR ships to look a bit better in PBR and in taking advantage of newly supported better DDS versions to reduce compression artifacts. Both of these benefit from having access to the uncompressed, PNG or TGA texture files rather than the DDS files. Do these still exist for any of the older ships?

We have SourceFiles folder on our SVN, but it's quite messy. Lots of ships have complete source files, others have partial and others have none.

I can ask Mjn if I can share those with ya.

Thanks. For what I'm doing in the immediate term, saved out flat diffuses in a lossless format are more useful to me than psds if they already exist, but I should be able to use psds so long as no compatibility bitrot has struck them, and they might be useful down the road.

Iain Baker:
Random thought - has anyone tried using AI upscaling? I have seen some fairly impressive results in other games. This article has some good examples:

Something like that may or may not be useful for FSU in general, but for this specific task it'd take a very particularly trained AI to do the job well.


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