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For your consideration: PBR texture conversions (Rakshasa)

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How it started:

How it's going:

Exact same lighting settings here, nearly no ambient, but a colorful background.

My goal was to make the Rakshasa look like it was built the same as the Moloch, I'll let you be the judge.

RGA's psds for the Rakshasa were double the size of the ones in my last extract from the MVPs, and given the nine years that have passed I figured I'd just go ahead and use the full size, as well as separate the AO out as the PBR textures like, and also cooking up a full on reflect map for it. I've made the maps available to Nyx if the FSU wants to include them. I'll be trying the same conversion settings on another ship or too before too long.

Apologies if this is pointless commentary as the ships aren't finished. The textures look fine, but in the newer work the Shivan ships looks like they lose some of their shadows/darkness? Which makes them to my eyes seem a bit less intimating. Shivan ships have a very nice "deathly black and red neon out of the shadows" look that really adds to their dread. I'm no expert on anything, but to my casual eye its what I notice.

Well, the Moloch is very finished, it's Nyx's most recent shivan contribution to the FSU and at least to me, it is gorgeous. The revised Rakshasa I also consider done, unless someone points out a significant way to improve it.

But, what's creating the effect you're talking about is that the ships are, in essence, catching the light from the nebula in the level background. Their ships are practically black, but they are not coming 'out of the shadows' in most of these shots. They catch the light, and they have to do that at least some or they look very flat and dull, IMO. To see the backgrounds reflecting off the hulls of the Ravana, Demon, or Moloch, or to see how their own beams light them up, or just how their contours catch the light of a level's sun(s) makes that flatness of the other ships painfully evident to me, and thus this effort.

The current MVP version of the Rakshasa is first image, and my revision is second. I would point out the upper curve, from midsection to back, of the Rakshasa. I would say my version is overall quite a bit darker, actually, closer to being a black metal than a grey surface, while the underside is lit a bit more but in the colored lights of the background nebula, not in the white light of the sun.

I see. I've enjoyed the new MediaVps, and this probably looks much better in-game. I'm never going to say "no" to updated work on these models. :P

Iain Baker:
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