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Release: MediaVPs 4.5.x - 27th of September 2021


RELEASE: MediaVPs 4.5.x - 27th of September 2021
Discussion Thread Located Here!
Step 1: Ensure you have a working installation of Freespace 2

The MediaVPs require a working installation of retail Freespace 2. If you do not have the retail Freespace 2, it can be purchased from Good Old Games for ~$6-10 USD
Step 2: Download the 4.5 MediaVPs themselves!

[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:

Click below to get started. The latest revision is 4.5.x.

If you want to manually install individual packages, you'll need to write your own mod.ini and create the MediaVPs_45X folder in your FSO directory. Then use the link above and click "No, but I know exactly what I'm doing and I just want download links" and install those packages into the MediaVPs_45X folder. This method is not recommended.
Manual Installs: Get the latest SCP Build and Launcher

MediaVPs 4.5.x requires an FSO build 21.0.0 or greater!

* Current Required Build is fs2_open 21.0.0
* Launchers, if you don't have one already:
* All platforms:  Knossos (combined launcher/installer/mod store) This is the recommended method. See Step 2.
* All platforms:  wxLauncher
* Both the fs2_open exe and Launcher exe should be placed in your root Freespace2 install folder. ie: "C:\Games\FreeSpace2"
* Note that this is a HIGHLY recommended place to put your FreeSpace2 files, especially on Vista/Win7.

* It's a good idea at this point to also copy fs2_open DEBUG exe into your root Freespace2 install folder in case you later on encounter problems you need to ask about on the forums. This is because the debug builds will create the all important "fs2_open.log" file in "user\appdata\HardLightProductions\FreeSpace2\data" that should always be included in such posts. For more information, please check (all posts!) in The Freespace Troubleshooting FAQ thread in the Freespace and Freespace Open Support Forum
Play and enjoy! Also, please report any bugs you come across to the FSU Mantis!

Changelog Highlights

* New Hi-poly Erinyes
* New Hi-Poly Centaur
* Durandal's new nebula poofs
Changelog Complete

--- Code: ---Bugfix for Sathanas turrets
Bugfix Rahu collision
Miscellaneous model fixes to Asmodeus, Azrael, Belial, Demon
Fix message priority in SM3-10
Baked glows added for Deimos
Baked glows added for Aeolus
Baked glows added for Moloch
New PBR texture for Leviathan
New PBR texture for Rakshasa
New nebula poofs
Make FS1 and FS2 version of Fenris
Make FS1 and FS2 version of Leviathan
Add license information for the upgraded cutscenes
Make the mainhalls optional

--- End code ---

Notes for Mods
--The POF naming scheme for Fenris and Leviathan has changed to math the Orion from the last release; Fenris_FS1.pof or Fenris_FS2.pof & Leviathan_FS1.pof or Leviathan_FS2.pof

--The mainhall mod is now optionally added and you may need to include the dependency in your own mod instead.

--New nebula poofs may affect how your nebula missions look.

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Older Release post for 4.0.x Here
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Updated to 4.5.1

* Fixed Leviathan dish rotation
* Fix for Aten's multipart barrels
* Remove tabled animation data for Arcadia button turrets (resolves CTDs on 21.5 FSO builds)


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