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The Dagger:
I know this was already an updated model, but I always thought the new model brakes too much the flow of the design apparent in the concept art.

So, I've done a new model:

And thanks to Nyx's guidance, it includes PBR textures:

Thanks EatThePath for converting the textures to bc7.

It needed upgrade.

Another proof that "TheDagger" means "quality". Excellent rework, very nice detailing, great topo [lel I'm always too lazy to make topo like that], and a big step forward in your self-improvement at creating textures.

Colonol Dekker:
I like it.   What's it made in?


Is a HoL-variant of the textures in the works?

The Dagger:
Thanks Nyx, that's a very high praise coming from you.

--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on October 19, 2021, 01:29:03 am ---I like it.   What's it made in?

--- End quote ---
Modeled in Blender, textures baked from Blender PBR materials, then adjusted in GIMP.

--- Quote from: 0rph3u5 on October 19, 2021, 02:13:42 am ---Is a HoL-variant of the textures in the works?

--- End quote ---
I believe there never was a HOL-variant for this, so no.


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