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Ever since I first played Freespace over 20 years ago, I've had this tiny little obsession with perfectly recreating the original subspace vortex. It always had a particular charm to it. Finally, I've gotten close:

Made this in after effects. It's fully animated, and easily customizable. Say you wanted a more detailed capital ship vortex effect. You can simply bump up the fractal noise detail and there you go. It doesn't loop, but it wouldn't be too hard to make it a seamless animation. I'll upload the .aep if anyone is interested.

It took me a long time to reason out exactly how they may have made the original effect. Ultimately, it was way simpler than I had originally thought.

I don't see anything here, but i'd still like to see the .aep.

EDIT: oh there it is. It just took an incredibly long time to load.

Colonol Dekker:
How big is it?

I remember back in the gamespy days extracted every frame of the ani and recoloured them frame by frame in paintshop pro to make them red 🤣

It can be as big as you want it. Right now it's 2048x2048, but it should be flexible enough to increase the size if needed.

While I like the swirly effect we have currently in use, this one is like 15 times more accurate compared to it. Impressive recreation.

I'll ask the rest of FSU team what should we do about it. I think it's real candidate for inclusion. Can I get 2048x2048?

Also to be usable in FSO, it must be looping seamlessly.


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