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Mito [PL]:
Link to the aforementioned test, video of which Asteroth posted in the HLP Discord.

The res doesn't look too bad at that distance, but I wanted to get the whole thing in the shot. Much closer, at a more reasonable distance, the relatively low res becomes very obvious. Warp holes can go even bigger than that, but I think designing them at the biggest for destroyer-sized ships is reasonable.

Wow, that looks better than I anticipated. The lens flare overlay works like how I thought it might. The white circle seems to be the right size. Did you modify anything about the graphics or is that just straight from the .gif? The blues look more pronounced.

Also, I have the graphic in 4096x4096 form, and it was pretty easy to make it seamless. Is there a preferred framerate and duration? Also, to transition it to the game more easily, what should I render it out as? An .avi or .mov? Or a sequence of targa's or something.

I used an online .gif to .apng converter, and that is also the format I would recommend. Otherwise, I changed nothing, just directly overlaid the new file into the existing effect. Due to engine shenanigans, some degree of differences are to be expected.

Ok, so here's a 2048x2048 version. It's 25 fps with 50 frames. The file size is 58mb. Most of the apng converters will only accept a maximum of 100mb, so in order to have enough frames for the animation I had to lower the resolution from 4096x4096 to 2048x2048. I rendered a png sequence that I then converted to an animated png. If there's a better way to compress this, I'm all ears. 58mb feels a little large, but maybe that's normal for the FSO engine?

You'll notice I made some minor changes to the color, speed, radial gradient, and amount of detail. I thought the speed was a little slow anyway, but I also had to increase the speed for the purpose of making the animation seamless.


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