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--- Quote from: Gamma39er on February 04, 2022, 12:02:04 am ---It took me a long time to reason out exactly how they may have made the original effect. Ultimately, it was way simpler than I had originally thought.

--- End quote ---

For those of who might want to follow in your footsteps but don't have aftereffects, can you explain how it's done?

So, there's a decent number of steps, but put simply, it's just two fractal noise ripple layers faded over each other. The ripple layers are made using a combination of fractal noise, rgb curves, radial gradients, polar coordinates, and turbulent noise to distort the ripples. You then color the combination of those two ripple layers a light blue, and then, in addition to those two ripple layers, there are two more smaller white ones faded over each other in the center. Then you use a radial gradient to achieve the white center. These two white layers are half the size of and animate at twice the speed of the larger ripple layers.

The original animations white center was always kind of noisy and after doing it this way, I think this method is the reason why. It's simply the more clustered part of the polar coordinates texture.

I got a bit ahead of myself and tried it out in FSO, and it will definitely need to be at least 4k. Also there's this sort of artifacting on the 'fringes' of the effect at several points. Apologies if you were already aware of this.

It's good to know that it will need to be 4k. I'll make a 2048x2048 version and 4096x4096 version. Do you happen to have a screenshot of it in game? I'd like to see how it looks on the current warp mesh. I actually don't have the game installed and I'm going to try not to install it so it doesn't distract me while I focus on my last semester before I get my bachelor's degree. Although, obviously, this subspace effect was a little bit of a distraction already. :P

Iain Baker:
Funky.  I like this, but also the swirly one. Is there a way we could use both?

How about two different jump vortexes, one for entering subspace, one for exiting it? (Kinda like Babylon 5's blue and orange jump gate things).

Or perhaps one for intra-system jumps, and one for inter-system jumps at nodes?

Just a thought...


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