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Multi PvE or Co-Op for FS2O


The default is Multi PvP, but I wanted to play PvE with a friend through Internet, I have read a few threads and judging by the difficulties I guess isn't possible? I don't see a clear answer for FS2O, hence this thread

Good question! Yeah, it's definitely possible. The overall board here should probably be cleaned up, though. Anyhow, here's the getting started info:


How can I optimize my multi experience??

* Make sure you set the update rate to LAN in the multi settings screen, unless your connection speed is extremely limited. FS caps the bandwidth it uses based on these settings, but they were designed for connections from 1999. LAN has the least restrictive limits.
* Be aware of the lock button on the far right of the load out screen that allows you to pick your own ship and load out.  Before hitting lock you can can switch your wing position but it keeps you from altering your starting loadout. After hitting lock, you can no longer change positions, but you are able to change ships and loadout.
* Remember that missiles may have lost their lock on your machine, but can still be tracking you on the server. Be more cautious as a multi client about dodging missiles than normal.
* Again, make sure the host is the player with the highest internet upload speed.  This will ensure that object update packets get to you the quickest and you have the smoothest experience, even in busy scenes.
And as an aside, we have FSO devs working on even better updates to multiplayer, so that's something to look forward to this year too!

Thanx a bunch mate :yes:, cheers!  :v: :)


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