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A Pom, a Yank, and an Aussie walk into a Moloch

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Dilmah G:
Yo yo yo,

In what initially started as a BP Multi testing session (turns out it is unsurprisingly bugged to the ****house and requires a ground-up rework), Ertanax, Logomancer, and I got stuck into a good few hours of testing some of the campaign co-op missions and OG dogfight/multi missions in FS2. We were fortunate enough as well to be steered into position by SerialMascot who has done some really great work on BP Multi, and had Joshua, Gamma 3-9er, Cyborg, and LSDNinja pop in for the banter at various points. Apologies if I've missed you, it's past 1am as I type this!

Some of the carnage is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The first two videos are only a few minutes long and should make for some easy and amusing viewing.

Wavetops in no particular order:

- The OG FS2 co-op missions require a dedicated human/team to go through them and be reworked for modern day FSO. We're talking balancing, update for the latest MVPs, etc. I say this however not having used the FSO Co-Op Multi mod for this on Knossos, so perhaps I'm wasting the letters on my keyboard typing this. Open to being proved wrong.

- The OG FS2 dogfight missions mostly work, but require someone to go through them for beautification purposes to insert modern skyboxes, and implement the latest MVPs.

- There are clearly some mega bugs when it comes to ship collision, selecting loadouts, registering laser hits, and so on. I would suspect having a player with 200+ ping was a contributing factor (me?! No way!), but whilst dancing Molochs are hilarious, their delicate spines are also not designed for those kinds of aggressive moves, and we could really impact mission balance and playability with it persisting. Credit to Cyborg and the gang though, as I write this, it looks like we've figured out client-side ship table differences are the culprit for the loadout bugs.

- The "throw me 150 clicks away from the fight and oscillate me on the spot" bug. Watch the end of the dogfight video for additional context.


All of that aside, I actually found it to be a super enjoyable time, and banter with a bunch of other FS nerds is worth its weight in gold. Without getting too political and ****, we've often talked about doing more voice/face to face stuff in the community to create a more wholesome atmosphere, and I couldn't imagine a better way to do it than all getting on and playing our favourite late 90s space shooter together, and lolling at the bugs. We've already got some great banter with Joe's stream, and the other guys like RP who also stream, so it would be great to keep that going.

I would be willing to pencil in a regular time each week/a few times a week to get around it and play through a few missions together. The more the merrier! It would be cool to have enough people one day for testing groups by continent, but baby steps first, of course.

Looking forward to hearing (reading?) everyone's thoughts, and having my flying ability sledged mercilessly! Cheers.

Colonol Dekker:
I'm keen to school some colonials.

Dilmah G:
Let's do it.  :pimp:

This Yank's always up for nailing some bad guys for the Buntu. :P

Colonol Dekker:


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