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From what I'd heard, it was more of a case of FASA got permission, but asked people who, it turned out, only believed they had the right to give such permission(some smaller company(not HG), I think it was whoever was importing Robotech merchandise at the time).

There was never any actual judgment barring FASA/CGL/Topps from using the art, but until last, two years ago now, they simply stopped using any out-of-house art(including some completely original art commissioned from smaller outside companies(see: much of TRO:3055)), to avoid any possible future conflicts. Now only the original Macross-based art is considered 'Unseen', and a few were already so significantly altered(the "Ost"-series 'Mechs), that they're not considered part of the batch any more.

EDIT: There was a confidential settlement that ended the original court case, which was apparently overlooked or forgotten about.

Late EDIT2: On thinking/checking again, it was mostly Clan Mechs from TRO: 3055 that were Unseen due to association with VMI, plus a few Unseen-derived designs, though some were considerably altered to the point where you'd have to be told what they were supposed to resemble.
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Ah, I see.  That's one hell of a complex situation.


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It should be noted though, that in the Project Phoenix TROs they also had created new artwork for the mechs in question, so i wouldn't be overly surprised if they use them if things didn't go too well in the suit. Really for right now i think its just a wait and see deal and will probably be revealed (at least i hope) at E3 2011.