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Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
First of all, sorry for the long delay; school stuff had to be done and I cannot concentrate with the internet plugged into my computer :P

Now, I have been replaying for the 4th time the revised Carver V campaign. I think I will edit my review which I said it was a waste of time to include so many mechs which will not be used when the truth is I am having fun replaying the game over and over using different mechs. In my current game I am playing Liao-only mechs and my earlier game I was using no-clan tech medium mechs only. I think I will play a light mech + Valkyrie (I think the valk ingame is a medium type) Macross theme game. As for the other two campaigns, not so much luck (so hard :)) ) especially Exodus; I usually just play the Exodus Campaign when I know I am thinking straight and when I feel I am fooling around I switch back to the Carver V and/or Mercs campaign depending on mood.

Not that I'm saying the revised Carver V is easy; Exodus is just harder :P I like it that way. But my point is that by playing the same campaign over and over using different mechs, I realized so many things that I would like to bring attention to the developers, especially Magic, since most of my questions and insights are related to programming.

Here are my insights and questions.

1. Regarding Resource Points and Commander Retinue

I like it as it is; the RP per mission is very cool and realistic. However, I think it would be better if the scout chopper is removed and replaced by a heavier variant. Retaining the scout chopper is redundant because I do not think anyone plays the game without a dedicated scout mech (even more so when you acquire a Kit Fox/Uller). It would also be a nice addition to request more non-mech assets such as tanks (more to this later), hovercraft and controllable Aerospace Fighters. While I like powered armors/elementals as well, I do not think from a programming POV its a practical addition (more on this later).

2. Non Mech Assets

Now, with the revamped logistics system coming soon, I am pretty much excited in how you guys handled the shortcomings and created more improvements. But if it is possible for number one to happen, is it also possible then to include in the Mech Lab a small sub-section where you can customize your non-mech assets as well? Now I do not think it is easy, but if it is possible for number 1 to occur then would it make sense for the commanders to have control over the payloads their non-mech assets as well? But then it would impose more challenges in the system such as another tab for vehicle purchase. Not to mention if this possibility is possible, then it should be for powered armors/elementals as well to be a deployable asset, which I do not think it would be practical from a programming standpoint.

3. Stealth Mechs

Unless I am mistaken and somehow had blown up a light mech without reading the information tab, there are only a handful of mechs in the game with ECM (Phantom, Raven, MenShen). While this may sound demanding, but I think with the current roster of mechs ingame, I know for certain some mechs there do have stealth capabilities (shadowcat) but do not reflect ingame. I might be wrong on this, but I think it would be better if the new logistics system would allow the players to equip ECM's on their mechs provided that the mech has an ECM slot (which ties in with the lore as only some mechs are designed for stealth) which can be bought in the purchase tab but should be expensive.

It should be expensive because I would also ask if it is possible for Magic or anyone to have pilots receive reduced gunnery skills when attacking stealth mechs? It would make sense since it is also a rule from battletech PnP and also a nice bonus/penalty when attacking with or against House Liao Mechs and creating replay and user-created campaign value. It would also make the game more interesting especially once multiplayer is unlocked/possible.  :)

So simply put, here is what I want to ask:

is it possible to have the following in the future

- more stealth mechs
- improved scout chopper/non-mech assets
- customizable assets

but what my wild imagination would like are

- powered armor/elemental armies
- increased air asset and power
- better commander options in combat and in office
- LAMs (lol!)
- increased importance of non-mech assets
- potential multiplayer dynamics present in-game
- ponies

Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
Can MC2 even handle LAMS? I could've sworn there were several ill fated attempts at bringing a few in-game that ended horribly. Then again, Omnitech is likely to end up a completely different beast...

Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
Long time player.   Through Mechlab, Magic's expansion, and wolfman's mods.

I agree with Saberunit.

Remove the minelayer, sensor, scout copter, and fixed artillery.

Replace with armor(legion, rommel, etc..), infantry(squad of 8 standard, 5 power), aerospace(including copters), and mobile artillery(LRMC, hunter...)

I don't fathom what this would take.   It would be a dropdown menu style, while in game.  Click unit wanted and drop into gameplay.

This would allow the Mechcommander a BattleForce without buying and customizing  in mechlab.

The more RP's spent would make for stronger options in each.  Maybe rankings of 3.  #1-vedette  #2  vonluckner  #3  legion. Each unit costing  a multiplier of 500 RP's.

But if this is impossible, then well, I suppose I'll have to suffer through.

Thank you for all that you have done Magic.  Even with DOW2 RETRIBUTION installed.  I'm still playing Mechcommander2

Thanks again to everyone who has modded, expanded and enhanced this wonderful game.


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Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
I don't know, the Minelayer can come in pretty handy sometimes. Vehicles do set off the mines, even if light mechs don't. The AI makes no effort to avoid the mines even if you plaster them all over an approach route, so you can easily chew up vehicles and inconvenience the mechs that do trip mines.

That said it is highly situational and it is time consuming to lay down a decent minefield that ensures you get your RPs-worth out of the minelayer. An airdropped mine power could be pretty handy though - works like an airstrike but it lays down a cluster of mines in a small area instead of instant boom.
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Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
Re: Number of mechs...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying re-playing with different mechs, that is definitely a benefit of more mechs in-game, one other benefit that may be over looked regarding the number of mechs is in level design...
Other than the obvious (as in, how can you have a liao vs steiner battle without a decent selection of liao and steiner mechs?), the large number of mechs in-game also allows mission designers freedom to create variety, the beauty of battletech is that even if you have 10 different 35 tonne mechs, they will all posse a different set of challanges when faced in combat, do you have a kitfox/uller firing at range? or do you go for a Jenner to get in the face of long range mechs?
Also just because there are ~90 mech in-game currently, it doesn't mean that they all have to be available to the player, by editing the for a mission you can chose to make as many or as few mechs available to the player as you want.
e.g. for my MC1 redux I will only be making MC1 mechs available for purchase to the player, but I will be using some of the other mechs to add flavor and special salvage driven replay-ability to the game


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Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
e.g. for my MC1 redux I will only be making MC1 mechs available for purchase to the player, but I will be using some of the other mechs to add flavor and special salvage driven replay-ability to the game

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Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.

I agree with you except on removing the minelayer. As it is, its quite useful, albeit sometimes cheesy because the AI dos not even try to avoid it. Maybe a better solution is either "repaint" the mines to mimic the current terrain pallete the minelayer is currently mining. While this may sound silly it would be very interesting as another campaign tool for designers to create maps with minefields that the players cannot determine where and how far, which would make minesweepers valuable and as an added bonus, a very sneaky tactic in multiplayer soon :)

However, I don't know much of programming, so I cannot comment further other than speculate on what could be done.


The more I am replaying both the Carver V and Exodus (the mercs campaign is kinda buggy)with different mechs the more I am enjoying the challenge of facing the same roster of enemies over and over :P I did try to use the campaign editor to start a campaign of my own but I'm still confused but I will get there and if I do come up with a nice map I'll go post it sometime soon in the forums asking what to do next :)

I am very much looking forward to the MC1 campaign transfer to MC2. I do hope we can still salvage the mad cat on mission 3 (LOL!).


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Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
I dunno, but i wouldn't have beaten the steiner airport w/o minelayer, i went all mad cat but they sent 3 highlanders and 2 atlas, which kinda hurt unles i blown their legs to bits :) I like the fixed artillery as well, they work quite perfectly with the dumb AI and fast bait mech :lol:

Re: Stealth Mechs and other inquiries.
I dunno, but i wouldn't have beaten the steiner airport w/o minelayer, i went all mad cat but they sent 3 highlanders and 2 atlas, which kinda hurt unles i blown their legs to bits :) I like the fixed artillery as well, they work quite perfectly with the dumb AI and fast bait mech :lol:

True, and also there's no way to beat the revamped game using only light mechs (w/c I am doing ATM) w/o using minelayers. I usually do the final mission using solo mission option, buying the best light mech combinations, arm them with the best weapon systems possible and try to tactically beat the mission w/o using minefields but to no avail; dem highlanders and hollanders hurt! :))

This is also the reason why I also would like two types of mines... one specifically designed for light mechs :))

its so cheesy :P