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Signed up just cause i had this idea.

Why don't we put up a wishlist of campaigns we'd like to see?

My idea was to have the MC2 Clan campaigns available, maybe even the Ghost Bear one :D

Certainly a good Idea to have a thread like this, but I think any new campaigns are a ways off yet. They're still porting many of the old ones to OT, plus various code and asset releases.

Though, IIRC, there are a few newer campaigns in the works by some members of this board. I seem to recall an MC1 remake being showcased.


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Not to mention, that everyone can create new ones :) The alphabuild is fully functional in that way

Karl is doing MC1 Gold, I'm doing my own (a new one, self madeup story of a new merc unit that will join the first fight against Clan Smoke Jaguar in Bulldog and Snake, and we have a row of older campaigns that need porting

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I realize both of your points, but it's always handy to keep a list of "Things to possibly scratch my head for", wouldn't you say?

I realize both of your points, but it's always handy to keep a list of "Things to possibly scratch my head for", wouldn't you say?

But of course sir, hence my the first sentence of my post. I'm just making sure we don't get ahead of ourselves, though Starman did just make an excellent point regarding the toolset.


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Ya'know im surprised i havent heard mention of any Succession Wars era campaigns, be interesting to see one that took place during this era, especially with the limited tech and resources available at the time. And since there are plenty of assets to draw on, would'nt really be any shortage of units for this particular style of campaign as many of them are already in the mod's inventory.

Battle of Tukayyid was always a favourite stemming back to MW2. Would be great to see a campaign on that from either the Clans or ComStars pov, or possibly both.

Tukayyid would be great, especially if we got to play as Comstar. There's precious little content for the Mechwarrior/Commander games that has anything to do with them.

Tukayyid would be great, especially if we got to play as Comstar. There's precious little content for the Mechwarrior/Commander games that has anything to do with them.

 :jaw: This would be so very cool.
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Tukayyid would be great, especially if we got to play as Comstar. There's precious little content for the Mechwarrior/Commander games that has anything to do with them.

Tukkayid was actually pretty awkwardly large in terms of scale, with most of the interesting battles having been at least battalion-strength. (And honestly there's not much fun about the stack-up-knock-down way in which a good number of them ran.)

I honestly think you could do better by making a campaign from the Fourth Succession War or 3039.
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Well BT fans, what other campaigns did Comstar feature in? From what I understand comstar were not an obvious out and out military force as their military were meant to be a bodyguard more than an army and that a lot of their military involvment was covert in nature often disguised as another faction... am I on the right track?

Regardless if there is a want for Comstar based campaigns please post ideas of what campaigns, for me at least the actual battles aside a good campaign to recreate is one where there is...
1. a clear story line and timeline
2. has battle maps, ie images of what the battle field geography was (This is invaluable in completing an accurate account otherwise all you are doing is lumping some mechs on a random map)
3. Involves diverse objectives through out the campaign (I dont know but I find large scale mech on mech battles boring without the need to complete an actual objective)

my 2c

Also if you want a campaign be proactive! the editor is actually very easy to use; make a campaign even if its crap, your next one will be much better! experience is everything!
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this is not meant as a "please do this", but merely as a general spitballing type of post and maybe a reminder to not forget a raw idea :)

How about a classic fairytale-type kind of story:
It starts with a basic problem: you have an adversary that outnumbers and outgunns you. But you need to fight him for whatever reason (freeing a hostage/town/continent/planet, or its an ursurpator that killed most of your family and you need to gain your rightful property back or something).
So starting point would be you escaping (infantry/power armour or a light mech).
Then you are on the flight with the need to gather resources and allies (=pilots), which would be about 50% of the campaign.
You could involve a scavenger hunt type of story to get some special equipment, about another 20-30% of the campaign.
The last part would be actually taking back whats yours (you could limit the drop weight at the first missions of this stage due to some reason ... speedy shuttle needed, 2nd jumpship technical trouble (or dropship if a 2nd Jumpship is too much out of scale) and delayed.
With the final battle against ... well you get the point.

Nothing of this is new, some of it i read in other posts/forums and i don`t want to take credit for the idea.
Maybe many things aren`t actually possible with the engine (e.g. strength of opposition partly dependant on your forces (drop weight?) or a tree-like campaign part, where missions available depend on your achievements in prior missions).

In my head it would be a campaign of 30+ missions, variable in size and, depending on your descisions you would not even see all of them in one playthrough.

I know this is a lot of work and propably too much work for one person ...
so at least for now its just an idea i wanted to write down :)


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So would everyone want something like BulletSix says, the classic hero. Or more historical battle campaigns?


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If it has mechs, and some semblance to battletech cannon, I'm sold, and would probably enjoy playing it. Maybe even help out if I thought it was really good.

Which reminds me, as a kid, back in the good old mechcommander gold mission editor hacking days, I came up with a campaign about a General's sandwich being stolen. Being old and mad with power, he diverts all the resources of the planet to track it down. Then it got serious and dark after he got it back and it was mouldy and blamed his soldiers conspiriing against him, and then became a game of deposing the general with minimum casaulties. Story might have been weak but the missions I thought were great, wish I hadn't lost the cd I put them on (for safe keeping  :banghead:)


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Personally I like cannon historical battles campaigns, but if it is well designed I dont really mind


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Soes something like the 'Galtor' campaign, or 3039, Reunification, Operation Klondike, or even Mallory's World? Any of those could be made into a campaign set.

I just want to know if following that line, or a more 'hero with a thousand faces' was a better story for what people want.



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If it's something you'd enjoy making, spending time on and playing, then go for it. Then Share it with the rest of us, and there will be those who like it, those who don't either way.

And if you're really hardcore do both, as you see fit.


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I just thought of this, i haven't seen any content in Mech Games(MW and MC) that cover the Free Worlds League, Taurian Concordat or other Periphery states as a main contractor or enemy.

I was thinking if i can get my editor to work and save i would like to try to reuse the end map for carver 5 the Steiner base. Make it you have to defend base from 3 dropships 12 mech each and have a 45 minute time limit every 10 minutes or so have 12 more mech enter the battle field you start out with 500,000 c bills for your mech purchase and get maybe a set number of resource point plus resource bay and have in the city a depot of salvage mechs that you can bring online. Might do more enemy mech and tanks I would like to re-task the turret control further into the city and change out the auto cannon and laser turrets to gauss rifle turrets. If you could save that map and then load the next mission with what you manage to keep intact then have follow up like protect the resupply convoy and protect the ambulance caravan , I think it would be  really cool. Always was sad that such a good map only had the one mission on it. I was a good map did not like the sniper cannons  but they are easy when you fielding 6 assault with elite pilots and long range weapons just kill power or turret control. Anyone think something like this would work.

I also think I have found one of the reason for the random crash I think I had too much mechs and componets in inventory once I sold them I did have anymore crash when trying to purchase items.