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"Radio Comms Effect" Question
Hello guys,

I am doing a Battlestar Galactica themed final animation project for one of my college classes and I wanted to have the sound effects that you hear whenever the vipers use the radios (or any Collonial Ship). I was wondering how exactly you guys did that.

Im just looking for guidance on how to go about doing it, dont want entire audio files given to me or anything.

Thanks for any insight you may have.



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Re: "Radio Comms Effect" Question
Hi, you have to use some audio editing software (as the freeware ''audacity'' as istance) and download some VST plugin that simulates a telephone or some radio chat effect and,more important, a ring modulator plugin.
you have to play whit them until you don't reach the correct effect...just be careful:
Every plugin have his particoular effect:so test different effects until you'll find what you want. :)

Good mixing!
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Re: "Radio Comms Effect" Question
Thanks for the advice, will look into that program as well as if my adobe stuff to see whats hidden in the programs I don't know anything about.

I will definitely upload the vid when I am done, I may not use voice acting, as audio isnt require, but is browny points apparently lol.
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