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Hey guys, I've been search around, but I can't seem to figure out how to make the HUD in-game not stretched out. I've also noticed there were different custom HUDs with the text in the center-top of the screen, rather than the top-right, which would be helpful in reading lines from campaigns without voice acting. Does anyone know of how to implement this easily? I have the latest 3.6.14 RC6 .exe and MediaVPS 3.6.12, but I don't notice any options or settings to enable a widescreen HUD? I notice FSPort MediaVPS since I've updated it has the HUD not stretched out, so if I can get regular FS2 like this, that would also work.


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You'll need a custom hud gauges tbl. Here's the BP one (attached

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Alternatively, here's one that is about as close to retail as you can get. This one's for 16:9, but let me know if your monitor's actually 16:10.

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Thanks for the files, guys!

Where should I place them exactly?  :confused:

I should mention that I'm on a 16:10 monitor (1920x1200).


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I just placed the file in that directory, and no joy. Is there something I'm doing wrong perhaps, maybe I'm not pointing the launcher to that specific file somehow?

Also, I read somewhere that the widescreen HUD should have been implemented since 3.6.12 Final, but is this a setting that is enabled through the launcher? I can't really find any documentation about this, so please forgive my ignorance. :)


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Try mediavps_3612/data/tables

No joy on that either. It should be as simple as placing the file in that directory, right? Nothing else?


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If you're running 3.6.14 RC6, yeah. Make sure the file suffix hasn't changed.

In that case, I really don't know what I'm doing wrong that it's not working. I'm putting the file in the folder you mentioned, and I've pointed the launcher to run the 3.6.14 RC6 executable. :confused:


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Pretty sure you're never supposed to put anything in the root directory ;)

Try putting it in FreeSpace2\mediavps_3612\data\tables. (though this probably won't fix why the table file isn't working.)

For 16:10, use this instead.

Code: [Select]
$Load Retail Configuration: NO
$Max directives: 8
$Max escort ships: 8

#Gauge Config
$Base: (1440,900)
$Min: (1024,768)
$Max: (1920,1200)
Position: (5,5)
+Training Messages:
Position: (587,191)
+Multiplayer Messages:
Position: (216,306)
Position: (667,600)
Position: (648,127)
+Wingman Status:
Position: (1348,210)
+Auto Speed:
Position: (1376,804)
+Auto Target:
Position: (1376,780)
Position: (1296,734)
+Talking Head:
Position: (5,59)
Position: (5,344)
Position: (1296,657)
+Objective Notify:
Position: (644,316)
+Squad Message:
Position: (1243,5)
+Escort View:
Position: (1281,462)
+ETS Weapons:
Position: (1296,780)
+ETS Shields:
Position: (1314,780)
+ETS Engines:
Position: (1332,780)
+Target Monitor:
Position: (5,722)
+Extra Target Data:
Position: (5,684)
+Target Shields:
Position: (458,802)
Position: (619,722)
+Player Shields:
Position: (884,802)
+Afterburner Energy:
Position: (482,490)
+Weapon Energy:
Position: (874,490)
+Text Warnings:
Position: (720,341)
+Center Reticle:
Position: (701,436)
+Mini Target Shields:
Position: (705,536)
Position: (554,335)
+Threat Indicator:
Position: (782,335)
+Voice Status:
Position: (5,231)
Position: (1104,5)
Position: (835,595)
Position: (170,179)
+Hostile Triangle:
Position: (720,450)
+Target Triangle:
Position: (720,450)
+Missile Triangles:
Position: (720,450)
+Orientation Tee:
Position: (720,450)
+Target Brackets:
+Lead Indicator:
+Lock Indicator:
+Offscreen Indicator:
Position: (720,450)
+Mission Time:
Position: (1385,848)
Position: (1296,756)
$End Gauges

Save this into a text file, then name it mv_root-hdg.tbm so that it becomes a tbm instead of a txt file.
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... and if it still doesn't work with what Kolgena said in the previous post, post your debug log here. That'll make it easier to find out what's going wrong.

I think the set resolution in the file is what fixed my issue; the maximum resolution for General Battuta's file was 1920x1080, and when I changed it to 1920x1200, that seems to have worked! Thanks for the assist, guys! :)