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Spoiler:Heh. I chose the worst place to be then when they collided. I was right above the Panda shooting at one of its reactors when the entire universe seemed to end. :lol:
I encountered another boss battle: dodging Shah pylon debris. I certainly let loose some unsavoury words during those few seconds.  :nervous:

Found a bug in the mission "A Weakened Giant". The Hedetet was destroyed however there was no mission fail, the dialogue and mission continued until the PVT Isis transports were to launch but never appeared. I assume they were to depart from the now destroyed Hedetet. Now as for why Hedetet was blown to high hell, I strongly recommend that when you setup invincible wingmen you guardian their weapons subsystems as well cause I had 5 useless flying brinks who couldn't stop a single bomber wing while I was disarming the enemy destroyer.

Thank you for pointing this out! The warship was guardianed at some point during the testing phase, but some of the files overlapped so the fix must have vanished in the process (our tools meant to transfer files between team members were and still are rather basic - we don't have a dedicated platform where files can be synchronized).

In any case, we'll definitely add more content to that phase of the mission in a future update, with specific messages and a failure debriefing stage, which both make more sense than forcing a destroyer to be guardianed and survive the battle.  :)

Is anyone else having problems with CTD during what appear to be event triggers in this campaign?  I managed to finally finish the first mission without a CTD, but I keep crashing on the 2nd mission.  Usually it is when I either blow up a set of doors or as I'm passing through one of them.

I didn't have the presence of mind to run a debug build.  I'll try doing that tonight when I play again and send some meaningful diagnostics.  I was just curious if this is just me or if it is something others are experiencing.

Other than that, I have to say I am very impressed with the level of detail in these missions!  I am having to hit F4 to catch up on dialog a lot, but it hasn't really broken immersion too much.  You have to make good use of your wingmen or you are toast.

Ran the Debug and I made it to the end of the 1st cutscene, but I kept getting errors leading into the second cut scene.  Same one over and over again.  After hitting continue over and over again, I finally clicked out.  Any idea what
--- Code: ---"WARNING: "Invalid subsystem 'Snuffleupagus' passed to hits-left-subsystem" at sexp.cpp:6960
Frame 3291 too long!!: frametime = 0.801 (0.801)
--- End code ---
is all about?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! We're working on the next SerRes release but we're also improving both Gehenna's Gate and The Spirit of Ptah; we're squashing reported bugs and all dialogues are undergoing a major facelift. The bug you're reporting right here is news to the Team and will definitely help us out in the process of delivering a polished update. :)

I can't check the mission via FRED right now, but I will take a look later today. What I do know for sure is that "Snuffleupagus" is the default value of a string variable which is turned into a different string as certain in-mission events require, and it's been there since the 2007 version of this mission. If you're getting this error, it must have something to do with the process of turning the variable from its default string to the desired value, or the game checking for anything that matches that string before it's supposed to.

EDIT: alright, I got the chance to take a closer look. The issue with "Snuffleupagus" as a string variable should not be the core of the problem because...

Spoiler:...if I got it right, you experience crashes the moment you venture deep into Senwosre outpost and aim for the reactor. That's the second self destruction attempt of said outpost.

The above mentioned variable determines which subsystem has to be destroyed in order to prevent the first self destruction procedure.


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