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We need FREDers, stat!

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As it turns out, I can't do the whole thing alone, and BW can't co-write the entire campaign. I need to get my act together but I need help. Two or three FREDers with experience at making good missions would really speed things up here.. oh, and while I'm at it, I might as well ask for someone who can UVMap the Augeas for us.

That is all!

Knight Templar:
hmmm freders you say?

Well, I don't want to stretch too thin, but i may be able to do a few missions for you. Unfortuneatly, any work is out of the question untill this weekend, i will be able to send you an example mission and such then.

RL sucks.

I could help with the fredding.  I dont know how much i could help, on account of school and all. :mad: I could send you a mission i made eventually....not yet though.  Its not quite done.

i'm on your staff too you know ;) i can FRED ;)

Black Wolf:

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Stealth
i'm on your staff too you know ;) i can FRED ;)
--- End quote ---

Aren't you already? The LM Crossover thing?


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