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I'll be out till next sunday (16) so I'm sorry but I really will not be able to tell you what you can do. That corellian gunship -if BW doesn't want to do texture she himself- could be a great start btw

Darth HoJaPe:
oh can i please be a tester . this interests me alot, as i did it for my friend with a diff. game once.

Darth HoJaPe:
oh and if its not already tested can i call the rebel blockade runner testing?

this'd mean alot, if i can could u PM me to let me know?


You might notice the last post before yours was 1 1/2 years ago. So if you want a reply, you should perhaps try PMs or email instead as few are likely to check this topic.

Darth HoJaPe:
well, now my day is ruined, didnt see that. you shouldve left me dangling till next time i signed on.  i hate hope.


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