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--- Quote from: Admiral Nelson on October 22, 2007, 07:12:35 pm ---As the Anubis has laser weaponry it is a spaceborne harvester of death next to these ships. :)

--- End quote ---


Wait... What? :wtf:

These don't have lasers, and presumably ****ty guns, compared to FS1 era.

Say, if the Anubis wasn't armed with... Vasudan... Light Lasers... but... Some gun ****tier than that (:wtf:), would it still be better than the unification-era craft?

Um. I think Nelson is trying to say that compared to FS1, the Anubis is the Shivan Scorpion when the GTA couldn't fight them on equal terms.

Well what I want to know is if the fastest unification-era interceptor does 50 m/s top speed and turns as slow as the Ursa...


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