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Enough questions for today, thank you.   ;)

Direct comparisons between speed/damage points/etc. will not get you very far. Remember that there are a lot of other technical factors, like afterburners, missile accuracy, and even targeting computers that would change a lot in the 14+ years that TVWP covers. For example, jet engines of today are hardly more powerful than they were 30 years ago, but modern aerospace has advanced a long way in other areas since then. Suffice it to say that there will be an interesting mix of varying technical gaps between FS1 and early TVWP era.


Please, one more! Sir! One more question!

There will be no negotiation, Snail.

Admiral Nelson:
The unification era craft are balanced against each other, and make for exciting missions.  There isn't that much value in introducing comparisons to crappy fighters from later eras -- nobody would want to fly a Nate in WWII, but it would easily tear up the best WWI fighters you could care to name.

No, what I'm asking is if ships turn slowly and move slowly. Nothing to do with later ships. I ask this because I want to know if its hard to move between waypoints which are far away from each other, and if ships are hard to turn.


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