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They sure are.

Some shots of the Feather2 in action, playing one of Spoon's Missions.

The Hambeast is a pain to kill, just like real hambeasts.

Doing what the Feather2 does best, Dive Bombing!

Feather2s en'mass are scary as hell. The Hambeast was at 78% before I called in Hawk and Falcon wings (both Feather 2 wings). A minute later, the Hambeast took a beating and had to jump out. Proof that the Veslans were never prepared for fighter/carrier based warfare.

Commander Zane:
Dat HUD! :D


--- Quote from: Commander Zane on April 22, 2011, 11:31:00 am ---Dat HUD! :D

--- End quote ---

Yes, it's quite nice indeed.

Just posting some images of limited variety.
First off, I just recently finished (the long awaited) Veslan "Death Hugger" Fighter-Bomber. Its a very versatile craft and it may well be a favorite of those who like to go in hard and heavy. However it does maneuver poorly and is a bit slower than other craft in the game, but if you want to blow up some Callistoes and Hyperions, the Death Hugger is the only way to do it.

Second on the development cycle is a UI that will match the upcoming HUD. Both have been slow going as I am more or less groping about in the dark in terms of what to do and how to do it. But in general, Mockups can at least be made before the real thing.


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