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As the topic says, we need some more fredders. As it stands we have a ton of playable content in terms of material to work with and vehicles to throw into possible missions, the hard part is that Spoon is busy with WoD2, and Andrew of Doom is busy with school.

What I need are fredders who are NOT busy. And would like to contribute to what is a very ambitious and possibly ground breaking TC for this Engine.

Some have suggested that I take up Fredding, and while I think I would enjoy tinkering with Fred for a bit, it must also be understood that on top of leading this project, I have been modeling, texturing, conceptualizing, writing, creating 2D assets in Adobe After Effects, and working on a new Interface, all while working full-time. I'm exhausted, and I need help.

I don't even care if you are semi-new to fredding, if you have the enthusiasm, that is all I need. Andy and Spoon will still be doing the fine tuning in the end, but if we have others assisting with the basic grunt work, we could possibly have a demo release sometime late this December or January.

I'd just like say that the need for fredders still stands. Anyone interested in working on a non-fs based universe please apply within!

If I'm free once a week, does that count as not busy?

What I mean as "not busy"; willing to actually make missions, instead of excuses not to make missions.  :doubt:

Is this project still alive? I'd be willing to work on it, although I have very little experience with FRED. :nervous:


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