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It's a shame to hear Machina Terra turned out to be dead, that sucks. However, I'm also very happy that you've uploaded all these assets, as many people can make use of more high quality assets to play and fred with. I also hope I can make good use of them.

I hope your talents will be put to good use in another FS2 project in the future.

You clearly haven't downloaded them yet.  :)
These are all retail quality, though designs themselves are great.

I care more about the designs personally, as with shaders and correct lighting, even retail stuff looks a lot better. Besides, I can put more of them on the screen this way..

It's sad the project died - now browsing through that dump I can see that it'd made a promissing play...

I feel like a scavanger but I think I've a new home for the Chimera, the Garogyle and the Gryphon (although I'll have to make a few changes)

yeah... forum stalker... shoot i have been on here almost religiously for the past 8-9 years? i joined because of this project... i didnt help out with it because id more than likely eff it up big time, I understand RL and i am really sad to see this go, but life goes on, Thanks for the dump, even though its probably hard to not see the fruits of your labor in a campaign, these models and everything else will help someone out there. God bless you all, R.I.P. Machina Terra


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