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ship listing?

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Hi devrous!

Just wondering if you could include a ship listing of all the designs you plan to implement in the FS2H mod... Unless you wish to keep the element of surprise...

Some pics of covenant ships would also be nice! ;7


Digging back into some of my more ancient posts, this info is still good:

--- Quote from: Devrous on May 25, 2007, 03:16:48 pm ---I've modelled 63 ships as of this moment, and most of those are human I think...

Yes, 11 are Covenant, 3 are niether, and the rest are good 'ol fashion hu-mon. I have several "Chapters" planned, each one their own release, and each one dealing with a different time, subject, and even race. Chapter One will be "Colonial Unrest." It takes place in the 2490's and deals with the biggest insurrection in UNSC history (untill the 2550's  presented in the books, that is). Chapter Two will be in the 2520+ range.

--- End quote ---

And as far as Covenant models...

Covenant Basic Models

Dropship (Halo:CE)

Seraph (Halo Series)

Original Corvette Concept

Original Frigate Concept (perhaps to be replaced by the one in Reach and the model used for something else)

Original Destroyer Concept

Battlecruiser (Halo Series)

Assault Carrier (Halo Series)

I'll work on compiling the list for a forum post. It's in my tables and the Tech Room but oddly enough I never kept a list elsewhere  :ick:


Speaking of which, here's an old vid that ran through the tech room. You should be able to read the ship-class names from it, actually! Some of them have changed since then and it isn't all of the ships but it will help give you a scope of how many I've done so far. Also keep in mind I did all of them myself in Blender so they aren't perfect.

Looks really good! Did you say at some point that you also had forerunner stuff?

Yes, I did dabble in some Forerunner structures to be used here and there. High Charity did have a Forerunner "base ship" in the middle of it after all!


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