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ship listing?

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I'd recommend picking up Halo: Cryptum if you haven't already read it and have the inclination to do so. Fairly short yet quality read, and some incredibly useful insights into Forerunner ships and architecture.

Already got it! Picked up a copy when Borders was going out of business. Very interesting take on them indeed.

any other models you plan on including? You once mentionned that huge terran colony ship and the reach saber and corvette...

Yes, I'm still working on a good UNSC Colony Ship model (i.e. Spirit of Fire) and the Sabre from Reach. For the Covenant I still need the corvette that appeared in Reach and the Phantom dropship that was used heavily in Halo 2 and 3. I've completed 4 Forerunner designs that I'm happy with even if they aren't all "ships." In total there are about 70 ship types so I'm in no rush to add to it honestly! Of course I'm always on the lookout for anything new from the franchise. Halo 4 looks to be heading the way of either more Forerunner madness or perhaps one of their enemies from looooooooooooong ago. Who knows! Still, if they're smart the people in charge of continuing the Haloverse will recognize that very few sci-fi games or shows based on an intense battle between two sides survives the introduction of a third without very, very careful and fresh reasons for it.

Two new human ships have been added today! A heavy fighter/gunship (Enforcer-class) and a sleek transport (Canis-class). Both are non-canon and original designs but they fill roles that I felt were missing during mission design. Also, I wanted to further highlight the difference between the aged ship designs the rebels have access to and the newer, sleeker ships the UNSC can afford. Much like modern wars of the last century, variety of combat vehicle designs is greater before a large conflict. I imagine that when the Covenant arrived the UNSC would switch from R&D and variety to mostly mass production of the best all-around designs, hence why we only see Longswords during the Human-Covenant War.



Design is partially complete on the Covenant corvette seen in Reach. Covenant ships are tricky to model in comparison as take a bit longer. Also, there is one more human ship I'm finishing up for ONI - sort of a stealth fighter which seems fitting for the cloak-and-dagger organization.

More as it comes!  ;)


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