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Great, the only thread in the forum gets locked... :doubt: Bad Thunder, no cookie.

Anyways, why not let us in on the latest developments? What's the plot, what new ships, what new weapons, whatever. Give us all something to lust after!

And on a side note, the Reply/New Topic buttons are switched. Again. :sigh:

Black Wolf:
OK, in a nutshell... (Just be warned, my nuts are very big (and boy did that come out wrong :p ))

Neo Terra Victorious is a new Campaign for Freespace 2 where the basic gist should be quite obvious - the Neo Terran Front was never defeated, but instead won in the early stages of their rebellion. Telling you how would be dangerous to my health, but I can say it will probably be unexpected for the majority of you.

NTV will definitely be featuring mods, some of which are finalized and finished, others of which are only theoretical. Some of the details can be found here.

That's pretty much it for what I can tell you now, although I will be pushing for a demo release of Act 1 in the near future. Any more specific questions can be posted in this thread and I'll do my best to answer them.

Great Frollicking Llamas! That link is wrong... try this one.

You also have angelfire banner popups going on there... not only is that annoying... but I dont think gamespy would be happy.

Otherwise... this sounds like a good idea! Considering the GTVA's massive weapon in a PoS, the entire GTVA government should be a pushover to destroy.

Black Wolf:
I got a gamespy pop up, but we shouldn't even be getting them by rights :(. I'll look into it asap, but I might have to wait for Alikchi to get back to actually fix it. Thanks for that.

We're supposed to have a banner or pop-ups, I think, that's what Gamespy said in the mail anyways. I'll get Thunder's attention, though. I don't think we should have pop-ups, just a banner - which we don't have.

Oh, by the way, I'm back :nod:


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