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What do you want to see in a mission?

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I would post a poll, but they're too constraining.
Well? What do you want to see?
My vote goes to surprising and original events and ideas, like escorting ships through an asteroid field, and finding a few asteroids laced with bombs, or loaded with turrets.
Or, if you were flying for the NTF, a raid on a GTVA station where you are forced to shoot down escape pods or be destroyed by your wingmen. That's going to affect the player in a large way, maybe giving him the option to defect?
These are just off the top of my head..

So, give me your ideas so I can steal them :p

Oh, and if this post is a little weird, I'm writing it at 1:45 A.M. Thank you.

Shooting down asteroids could be original, but it wasnt overly thrilling to me personally.

Asteroids should be used sparingly, methinks. Like subspace. How many times does a big capital ship have to fly through an asteroid field? :doubt:

I think an unexpected twist in the storyline here and there always increases the excitement in a campaign. So yeah, good storyline and new stuff to play around with gets my vote.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have named the campaign Neo Terra Victorious - if it hadn't been taken, I probably woudl've chosen Return to Neo-Terra or something less auspicious as revealing the main part of the plot. Ah well.


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