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Black Wolf:

The Endymion class station is, by far, the largest and most sophisticated class of space station ever deployed in Terran history. Developed as a central hub for an entire colonised system, the Endymion serves as both a military and administrative centre and a subspace communications core, interfacing with relays and nodes throughout a given system.

Given its critical role in potentially exposed space, the Endymion is far from defenceless, with capital grade armour, six state of the art plasma turrets and a strikecraft capacity more than double that of a Canberra class carrier.
This is the Space Station Endymion. The original mesh was by Axem (as explained here), I threw a UV and some textures on it before getting it ingame. Obviously, the fact that it's getting released in this forum tells you something about the future of Frontlines, as do a few of the details in the tech description. But, while we're waiting to announce that, this is being released as part of the project's continued commitment to an open development model.

Thanks, of course, to Axem, for letting me play with his mesh, and to MageKing for trying to help me solve a bug that, ultimately, was purely the result of my own stupidity.

Hope that this comes in handy for people.


General Battuta:
It good

That's sweet!

I might have use for this... assuming that other station you gave me remains unfinished by the time we release. :p

Aw and I just got finished using the GTI Constellation (lots of bugfixing) in a mission of mine when I totally wanted to use this instead! (I saw the original post) :p


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