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Black Wolf:

The PVC Neith is is the Vasudan's heavy cruiser, a potent mix of offensive punch and defensive fortitude that should never be underestimated. Although our information is , at best, somewhat sketchy, the Neith is larger and better armed than our own Fenris class, and is the significantly more powerful vessel one on one. We are hoping that our new Leviathan project modifications will bring our vessels up to spec, but until then it is only their relative scarcity - most likely due to a high build price - that keeps Neith class vessels from becoming a dominant force in the war.
This is the PVC Neith. The LoD0 mesh is by Blowfish, based on one of Stratcomm's models. I did the textures, LoDs and conversion. The Neith is nominally a predecessor to the Aten, but it also represents a very different philosophy in the Vasudan fleet - individual ships at the start of the war were individualistic works of art - built to a standard, but each with the unique stamnp of the specific artisan or artisans who built them. Later in the war, they were forced to move to more efficient, cheaper, mass produced models that allowed them, to fight more effectively due to large numbers, but the individual ships were generally less powerful. In a one on one fight, a Neith will decimate an Aten, but for the price of a single Neith, Vasudan command could build three Atens with change, and the economics of war won out in the end.

In terms of a role ingame, this thing is... kind of unprecedented because of the gradual increase in power and dominance of the fighter later in the war. Closest equivalent would be a corvette - one or two of them can lead a battlegroup or operate independently, but some source of fighter support is going to be neccesary eventually (even in the pre-shields era where capship blobs are legitimately deadly to fighters.

I'd recommend that anyone planning to use this take a look at the table stats - it's balanced to be an early war powerhouse, but you have to FRED it carefully - one on one it can beat a Fenris with it's Frontlines armament, but you have to FRED it carefully. If you wanted it to be a late war powerhouse, it will probably need uparmoured turrets, and maybe a few more of them. a weapons upgrade might not hurt either Anyway, hope that people can make use of this one. Great War era cruisers for the Vasudans are scarce on the ground, so this fills a bit of a gap there. Enjoy!


Colonol Dekker:


Thank you for the work to all involved.

One day I will put some big freaking beam on it's nose :D

Great work! I was waiting for this model to be finished.

2 great capital ships today.
It is truly vasudan day.  :D

I think I might. :)

Looks great!


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