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Colonol Dekker:
I like the current one, but maybe with less twist.

Well, i like the current one much more. I mean i played with the current one way longer than i played with retail. But the proposed one look more like retail, which i may still prefer in a HD upgrade.

Why not both?
Shivans as a species that have much better subspace technologies could simple use the current one  :lol:
Or to use it as a distinction of Intra-system to inter-system jumps or something like that. But well, it is only a brainstorm on my part here.

But well, for the sake of a HD upgrade, the proposed one should it be.
Good bye old friend.

The proposed one feels more…retail-ish, and althought I’m used to the current one, I feel the proposed one is the one to go with.

The below is me speaking as Mjn and not as FSU leader: I only get one vote here.

While I absolutely applaud the effort and skill it took to make vortex that looks exactly like retail but higher resolution, I'm not a fan. Gamma39er did incredible work. It's exactly what they set out to create. Having spent much of my time at HLP recreating retail artwork, I'm thoroughly impressed. I know how much work that takes.

IMO, though, the retail-but-higher-res version lacks the immense detail we see in every other asset addition to FSU. New ships, weapons, backgrounds all come stuffed with fine details and a little artistic flair. Weapons with bits of energy and particles. Ships with tiny mesh and texture detail not present in retail at all.

The proposed version has none of that. The subspace "waves" are broad and flat - because that's what they were in retail. There's no tertiary detail to tie the vortex to the rest of the scene. To me it looks out of place. The missing detail makes it look twice as fake when presented next to current FSU ships that are highly detailed and textured to look as real as possible.

For me it's not the retail style that bothers. It's that during the upgrade process there was nothing added that takes advantage of the increased resolution or framerate to sell the effect; to make it more real. In my work as a semi-professional effects artist, the proposed version is step 1 of the process. It's missing steps 2-10.

See below the comparison. Where current has large and small whisps that all move and spin. Proposed has large wavy lines with no tiny detail at all.

tldr; I'm very impressed at what the artist achieved, but I think the proposed version is a step backwards for FSU.

I love the style of ASW swirl, but Gamma39er's work is excellent quality and very closely follows the vibe of vanilla subspace effect. Gamma39er's work fulfills the exact criteria of the assets we want to be included in MediaVPs, and significantly contributes to the mission of FSU team.

My vote is for Gamma39er's submission not only because of the excellence of his work, but also due to his devotion and skills.


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