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mv_assets.vp/interface is full of animated PNG loadout anis for all FS2 ships and FS1+FS2 weapons. All FS1 weapons are of the Cyclops. All share the same filenames as those used in FSPort MVPs.

I suppose we could rename the FSPort SSAnis and change the table to reference them.

Reposting the above edit because you may have missed it.

--- Quote from: mjn.mixael on July 29, 2022, 12:51:35 pm ---MV Assets. Go figure. I legit don't remember doing that back in 2019 but there it is. You can probably override them with the FSPort .anis if the ANIs exist in FSPort mediavps rather than FSPort. It's not the file type that's overriding, it's the mod load order. FSPort's mod hierarchy is a web I prefer not to touch, though, so I dunno for sure.

--- End quote ---

Right, I did not expect the MediaVPs to override the retail SSAnis and certainly not have placeholder ANIs that are incomplete. Renaming looks like it is the way to go, if MVPs are committed to FS2-style.

Edit: Or just change the loading order in the mod.ini.


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