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Here it is!
I've tried to attain to Wookiepedia's data: it is smaller than DS's superlaser, but powerful enough to blow up a single ship, so I made it powerful enough to blow up the... ehm... Volition Bravos with a single shot.
I was not sure for the range: I think 95 kms are enough for a "baby superlaser".
I was not sure even for the "charging up" time: since it's a smaller laser, I think it takes something like 15 seconds to power up. It then fires for 5 seconds and powers down abruptely (like in the movie).
I've given it a diameter of 450 meters (I suppose that the large superlaser corridor in the final mission of XWA is double of that).

Attached the TBL. Not sure it can be a good superlaser though :nervous:

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