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I was looking at our current model for the B-Wing with a friend of mine, and he pointed out that the missile hardpoints were terribly wrong, as they appeared to be coming out of the engine area.  I happen to agree that this is what appears to be happening, and that they need to be properly placed.  So, I've edited the POF file.  Now, on a B-Wing, the two secondary hardpoints are very far from each other.  This could create an odd situation for the pilot.  So, I want to ask everyone's opinion on both the accuracy and playability of the two designs.  There is an image of them below.

If they're both wrong and the secondary hardpoints go somewhere else entirely please let me know on that as well.

edit:  DOH!  fixed the links.

Herra Tohtori:
Perhaps you should link to JPG's instead of the PNG's.

Are you sure that the wingtip missile launcher even exists? AFAIK the B-Wing has proton torpedo launchers on top of the engine block, right where the above hardpoint is now. In my opinion there's no valid reason for the other hardpoint to exist. Just make the above one a dual launcher. SW fighters only usually carry one type of ordnance anyway, so there's no need for two slots.

the 2nd launcher is in the pod at the end of the middle wing, right next to the heavy laser cannon. XWAU has it right

btw: i can't see anything on the 2nd pic.

Try again.  For some reason I linked to the thumbnails instead of the images themselves.  If aRaven is right, then I believe that's where I put the second launcher, besides the one above the engine area.  There were two similar extrusions on the model, small round holes I guess, one above the engine area, and an identical one at the end of that middle wing.  That's where I moved the two missile hardpoints to.

if you look at mine in the other thread the missile tubes are those tubes that on your model are attached to the side of the fuselage, they should be full cylinders and not attached halfway into the mesh.


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