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minilogoguy18 - I've got Max7 if you want a simple Save As conversion over to something else.
Can't say I'm experienced with the program beyond textures.  :wtf:
Best to get me via email or PM though if you'd like me to do that export conversion for you.

i can model, texture and animate everything myself, archangel is gonna convert everything for me though since ive known him for a while now.

Best of luck to you in your efforts then...


--- Quote ---JGZinv:  Best of luck to you in your efforts then...
--- End quote ---

Thanks JGZinv... I have 3dsMax8 (for which Styxx's plugin works fine...) and I'll also be receiving shortly Softimage|XSI Advanced v6.0 (Minilogoguy18 uses Softimage|XSI) and v6.0 includes new cross-walk functionality that really streamlines scene/asset sharing between 3dsMax and XSI... so it should be a snap to bring over the XSI model (without losing or screwing up anything) and exporting to .POF format.


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