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Hitting craft with Xwings and TIE Interceptors

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I don't know if you guys have this problem, but something that has plagued IA is Xwings can't hit anything.  Its because of the wide spread of the lasers on the model.  Have mostly fixed it by adding some code to do auto convergence but its not a perfect solution.  Just wondering if this happens to you and found a way to get around it.

Black Wolf:
How would you get around it without convergence? Seriously, there's no way. WMCoolmon (I think) put weapon convergence into the SCP some time ago - it will be static, probably set to converge at 500 odd metres.

Unless your TIE models are bigger then ours you won't hit a ship under 500 meters (at least this is the problem I was having).  I was just wondering if you were doing something to your models to get around it (playing with normals or something).  Or did SCP ever make changes to how the game handles ship/laser collisions?  A cheap way to get around it was to use bounding spheres for collision detection instead of the default way.

Ha, I just requested an auto convergence feature on the SCP forums today.  How extensive is your code?  Here's a copy of my request, is it anything like what I described?,45201.0.html

Honestly though, those ships not being able to hit anything may just have to be a drawback that has to be dealt with by the pilot.  Beef them up in other areas to make them more balanced maybe.

Black Wolf:
Link doesn't work for me.

Also, autoconvergence is non cannon for SW - the X Wing books explicitly state that theA Wing is the only fighter with swivelling cannons, and that convergence points for lasers were set before a mission. The static laser convergence we already have should be sufficient.


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