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Hitting craft with Xwings and TIE Interceptors

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Grey Wolf:
You can feel free to use it as the LOD1, but I haven't done any 3D modeling in years, and nothing I've done has been as high poly as most of the stuff people have put out lately.

I'm very much against using a high poly model for LOD0 and a lower poly one done by someone else off of a difference source for LOD1.  Really all LODs should be derived from the same base in order to maintain consistency

Scourge of Ages:

--- Quote from: jr2 on April 16, 2007, 09:20:54 pm ---All of the SCP mods?  Google Freespace mod... but that will take forever, as you have to sort through broken links and slow servers... :(

--- End quote ---
Thanks dude, that should help.
For clarification, I'm currently interested in the conversion mods. Missions and campaings are already coming out my ears.

Well then, you've really only got The Babylon Project, Wing Commander Saga, and Beyond the Red Line that have actually released anything.  They're all available on either their forums, or their websites, both of which can be reached via the Hosted... link (for TBP and WCS) or the External Sites... link (for BtRL) at the top of the page.


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