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Whats left?

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Hi, i would like to help you guys out with the modeling, but first I need to know what ships you still need.

here is a pic to show you what I can do.

[attachment deleted by admin]

needs some smoothgroups and a cockpit.  otherwise, very nice work!

wow.  Someone chain him to a computer until we're done with him.  (ie, he's made new ships for all FS, B5, SF, WCS, SW, ST etc etc)  :lol:  I'm getting too sleepy...

Very nice, it's upside down though =P


--- Quote from: brandx0 on March 28, 2007, 04:58:15 pm ---Very nice, it's upside down though =P

--- End quote ---

hey, your right...

but stop talking to me about my model, I want to know what I can do for the SW TC.


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