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Taking a small leave of absence

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Just to let you folks know, I'm taking a bit of a leave of absence from this project for a little while.  I WILL be back and working on the meshes as time comes to me, however, I've recieved some serious news that I have to deal with in real life, and unfortunately this does push my priorities around.  I hopefully should be back in full swing within a month or so, depending on how my current situation turns out.

Thanks for understanding guys, keep on truckin in my absence, I'll be back soon

Best wishes to whatever your Real LifeTM situation is.  :nod:  cya 'round.

Yeah, hope it all works out in the end.  Take all the time you need, I've got plenty of other guys around to whip, er, encourage.

wow, I hope it was nothing too serious (read bad).

I hope so too man


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