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--- Quote from: m!m on January 06, 2021, 03:56:29 pm ---Another small detail I would like to highlight is that this expressions system is separated from the actions system itself which only uses it. This would allow the integration of these expressions into other parts of the engine such as the ship table where it may be used for dynamically calculating values of a ship on the fly or building some kind of template system. However, that is of course not automatic and will need to be developed separately ;)

--- End quote ---
Oh good, I won't have to implement that from scratch for Variants.

That was one of my possible use cases. I'm currently working on getting parametrized actions to work which will be useful for variants as well where you could define a list of parameters for a template and then use that in expressions inside the template to compute the final values.

These changes have now been integrated into the latest builds. You can find the documentation on the wiki.

Fantastic, thanks for all your work on this and the detailed wiki article!


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