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Here's a question, since this is released, anyone want to set up a CVS tree for it? I know it's not open source, but I can see some cool things happening from this, and it would be great to work together?

Not sure I have the bandwidth to do it, but I will certainly look into teh legality, etc. be great if we had a community run CVS server that we could all grab updates from, and a select few could make updates to.

Using CVS is not affected by the license, it's just that the most popular place to create a CVS tree, SourceForge, only allows open source so some people believe that holds for CVS as well.

On the Volition Watch BB there was an offer to create a CVS tree on, and provided it either has or somebody can create simple bug/feature tracking capabilities, I have no problem with this. I agree that CVS is the best way to keep track of everything with a minimum of problems.

Well, it's always nice to ask ;)

CVS on Warpcore, eh? I was gonna ask Maxaming. Don't think it matters where though :)

i have a sourceforge.. and they don't really pay attention.. i haven't actually released the source to my apps.. they don't say anything

Which is not entirely legal ;)

And probably not the brightest thing to post on a public board. They don't have time to police it, but, if they ever catch you, you're hosed, and losing a SF account doesn't sound like a good thing (they stopped taking new sign ups for a while, have they started taking new apps again?).

And, where not bound by a license agreement to the contrary, releasing source is a good thing :)


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