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Mapped Beams

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(note this is not compleate code)I have an idea for beams mapped onto .pof file instead of just the texture.

1) It includes loading a "pof" every time the beam is fired
      Pof_Beam = model_load( "Pofbeam.pof", NULL, NULL );
2) texturing it with the default texture
         int bitmap_num = pm->original_textures[j];
(i think the thruster textures are defined a bit like this)

3) Scaling it using a methord simular to scaling thrusters

4) making it translucant like the wormhole

I think i can do steps 1 and 2 but i am stuck after that, Programmers i need your help. Who am i kidding i am not skilled enuff to so this this is a major mod, but the info could be useful for someone who knows what they are doing.

Things I Searched  for:
 Subspace_model_inner  = very helpfull (texturing and loading models)

need to find out:
 how to make tha damn beam
 How to make the textures translucant
 how to assign a pof file to each level of beam

that would slow down your system and not look as good.

I dont think it would look that bad, (warp efect, thrusters)
Besides if you have ever played "gun-Man" they use somthing simular

That's a pretty hefty idea. Maybe we should wait till the coders mature and then look back at it; I think it's out of our reach for now. :)

for my part I don't see the purpose. I'd rather have a glow applied to the actual map ust like primaries do...


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