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About those resumes

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I'd like to post them here, in one thread, so if anyone has any objectsions to that, lemme know, then, since Kazan has decided he's in charge, he'll have them all. I'll also forward them to Kazan.

I'll happily release this little tech demo thing as soon as I have the FTP space sorted out, and I will be glad to answer any questions anyone has on the development process, but it's pretty clear Kazan doesn't think he really needs a formal process. Not a slam, just seems to be the facts.

With the release of the source, lots of VERY cools things could happen very soon, and, if the group (whatever it's composition ends up being) will have me, I'd be happy to help as things progress. Sorta a consultant at large. I'd like to get involved in the FS2 source project, and if by some happy coincidence those two merge (and I do get involved with it) then, maybe I'll be able to contribute more substantively.

Anyway, unless anyone objects, I'll post these names, a basic summary of skills, maybe some representative links, and the "position" as it were, that that person requested.


No problem. :)

I'm sorry, but nobody should be in charge, especially not kazan.

Someone has to be in charge, even if it's a group of 2, 3, 4 people who have an equal say. I don't like the idea of having one single person in complete charge since biased shines through in those situations but if a group of people with varying interests and the ability to reason well are in charge then desicions can be argued out and a conclusion met.

Having 20 people with an equal say won't work, you simply can't get any large amount of work done if everyones argueing on one topic, and communication becomes a problem.

Unless I hear otherwise, I'll post em this week.

I like the model that sandwich is proposing for the FS2 source leadership, btw. And for day to day stuff, ONE person should be in charge, that's what I see working when I do this stuff ;)


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