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Alternate MultiOptions window bug fix


Finally found some time to look at the source. Since VWBB was down, I was not able to grab the Multi Options Window fix. So, I dug right in…

I found a simpler (better?) fix for the Multi Options Window crash bug:

In line 888 of .\MenuUI\OptionsMenu.Multi.cpp locate the following text:

, 1, Multi_tracker_passwd,

Replace with:

, LOGIN_LEN – 1, Multi_tracker_passwd,

Description: The PXO login password is read from the registry at line 2256 in FreeSpace.cpp. Without this change, the Assert at line 285 in .\UI\INPUTBOX.cpp fails when trying to create the PXO password input box.

This tiny mod will preserve the functionality of the login/password/squadname input boxes. Might save a little time if someone wants to create a PXO-like stats tracking system.


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