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Anyone tested the multiplayer?



Hmh, could someone at some point look at the multiplayer code and see if there's some bugs or restrictions on how FS2 supports mod or total conversion multiplayer missions.

I have this multiplayer mission made for TBP, but for some reason it crashes for clients. It works when played as single player mission and in multiplayer it works for hosts. More than likely it crashes for clients.

I want to get rid of it, but I have no idea how. The mission itself is fine. :confused:

If Mr. Nice Guy passes by and wants to check my mission out, you can find it from here. (right click and save as...)

Hmh... to speak the truth... I am not even sure if that's the latest version. LOL. ;) :doh:

MP chrased when i messed around with max_Ship_types.

a setting of 600 where a little over the limit i think.

Will be testing 255 soon, got numerous reasons for that number.


ok now i understand why max_ship_types crashes when changed.

int idx;
ushort haha_you_dumbass = 0xe2A8;


hacker protection.

Out of the box, it seemed ok, looking for anything in particular Kaz?


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