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Twilight mission 3 broken


Renegade Paladin:
I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but neither Twilight in specific nor Cold Element in general seem to have dedicated forums. The third mission of the Twilight campaign is unwinnable.  The GVD N'Djamena is supposed to jump out when it gets low hull, but invariably gets disabled during the fighting because a friendly corvette that comes in before this is in position to hit its engine with beam fire.  The enemy admiral orders his ship to jump out and for his accompanying corvette to mop up, but because the ship is disabled it can't jump and because it isn't supposed to die while he's talking it's hull is guardianed at 23%.  Because it can't jump and can't take further damage, it stays and kills the GTD Morgain, causing the mission to fail every time.

Video demonstration:

The Morgain is clearly winning, the opposing commander orders his disabled ship to withdraw, it can't because it's disabled but it stops taking damage, and the outcome is inevitable from there.  I've reproduced this several times on varying difficulty levels. 

Renegade Paladin:
After the fifteenth or so try I finally got a run where the N'Djamena managed to not get disabled, so I'm able to continue, but if someone from the FSCRP could look at that mission, it could save a lot of raging on Joe's stream when he gets to it. 


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