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My Win10 keeps popping up an offer to 'update to Windows 11'; I'm holding off, for the time being. I just want to check to see if Win 11 has any impact on my favorite browsing/gaming habits and haunts.

What say, you all?

It probably won't be that good, and consider it may make older programs not work and introduce problems not seen in Windows 10, it may end up being what Bill Maher calls "Reverse Improvement."  I wouldn't risk it


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I've been running Win11 for some time now and haven't encountered any real issues with it or its ability to run programs. If it runs on 10, it will run on 11; For the most part, 11 is just 10 with some bits of the UI updated and better integrated into the new style that MS wants to use. This isn't like the transition from 98 et al to XP or XP to Vista, this is more like going from Vista to 7.
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Agree with The E. I've been using it for two months and have no issues.


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It seems like a minor update to Win10. I might try it on my surface pro first before updating the gaming rig. The only possible issue is my old X-fi titanium HD sound card, which I still use for music, but people seem to be using it on Win11.

Win10 is pretty good in terms of running old games and programs, and VMs and wrappers (VMWare/Dosbox/dgVoodoo/OpenAL) have come a long way at this point. There is also a big knowledge base on pcgamingwiki to get old things working these days.