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So I haven't really gotten a lot of feedback on my modpacks. It's hard to know what's working and what isn't. Do people like the alternate hud (made by Shivan Hunter)? are people annoyed by the hud icons (made by lafiel and svedalrain)? What about the tweaks I've made myself (?improvement's? to axmessage script, the ability to toggle hud icons in-mission, etc)?

I think the reason for this is likely that the intended audience for the modpacks are not the audience likely to haunt the forums and give feedback. Most people who are active members of the community are going to already have their own, personal modpacks already sorted. And, indeed, that's what these are. These modpacks are how I myself play the game... shared with anyone else who might want to play the same way and cleaned up for public consumption. But I'd still like to know if there is something that just doesn't work for people or something people really want that fits neatly into the modpack paradigm.

So two questions:

  • For any players and lurkers not interested in being a long-term member of the mod development community, have you tried my modpacks? did they work well for you? what, if anything, would you change?
  • For established members of the community, what functionality would you like to see made available to more casual players with little interest in learning how to put together a modpack of their own? What do you think should be changed/improved about the modpacks? What do you feel is essential in your own personal modpack that is missing from mine?
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