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Okay i was busy the last days:

--- Code: ---Tohoku (will be high-Level Kusari)
- reopened Hokkaido <-> Tohoku Jumpholes
  Tekagi's Base
  Base Ryuku
- reopened Choguku <-> Tohoku Jumpholes
- added Lvl.10: "The Genpei Josuiki" Kusari Very Heavy Fighter
- added Ryuku Base as regular Blood Dragon Base
- added Josuiki sellpoint at Ryuku weaponstrader
- added NPC Forces into system
- added Elite Blood Dragon Battleship fleet encounters
- added Elite Kusari Navy Battleship fleet endouncters
- added Kusari Gunboat & Kusari Destroyer to bs fleets
- created six additional high level archetypes for different npc factions (Kusari Elite upgrade)
   * Josuiki VHF Lvl10 -> Blood Dragons, Kusari Police, Kusari Navy
   * Eagle VHF Lvl10 -> Golden Crysanthene, Xenos
   * Blood Dragon Elite -> Hogosha
- implemented bigger npc fleet formations (up to 10 ships)
- implemented pop ambient spawn zones into system
   * Choguku Hole pop ambient
   * Hokkaido Hole pop ambient
   * Tekagi Base Zone pop ambient
   * Ryuku Base Zone pop ambient
   * two big pop ambient zones for whole system
- introduced bigger fleets
- implemented high level missions in tohoku, ryuku base
   * against Kusari Navy, Kusari Police, Bountyhunter, Hogosha & Xeno Forces
- optimized NPC battles in whole system
- began the expansion of "Family Tekagi's place"
--- End code ---

Screenshot Gallery of The Genpei Josuiki & Tohoku System

Watch the whole album

Okay - above is a nice gallery - showing some things i've implemented yet.

Actually i'm rewriting "Tekagi's base" in Tohoku. So far - Tohoku has a dockable station Ryuku - owned by the Blood Dragons. The Blood Dragons infiltrated the Kusari Navy Forces and have stolen allot military technical data. They have stolen the plans for the new Very Heavy Level 10 Fighter - used by Naval Forces and Police units. You can "buy" this ship on Ryuku. The Genpei Josuiki fighter. Second in place the Blood Dragons have although plans for Kusari battleships.

The original sprites where created by a guy named Kuze. He shared his custom made ships for Freelancer for free usage under the act of freedom of information. The good thing with his shippacks was: The graphic-design i don't need to do. The bad thing: All other stuff that is needed to make those files a playable ship where not existent. So i needed to modify the files in order to add the missing content. Such like hardpoints. Hardpoints for lights, equipment, weapons - engines - everything that is needed as information by the game needed to be created. So i'm done with that. The first "new" vanilla design oriented ship got introduced and works like a charm.

Actually i'm working on the Golden Chrysanthemums and Blood Dragons. Both got an additional base. Blood Dragons own Ryuku base and GC owns "Tekagi's place". I set the brackets cause at the moment in my version Tekagi's base doesn't look this way anymore:

It looks more like:

This is the new "Tekagi's Base"-complex. Way more inhabitants:

So Tekagis base, sphere, minefield are done. Actually i'm filling this base with life and ingame options. There will be another ship for sale then. A Kusari "Pirate" transporter. It will be leaned on the dromedary class but with a Kusari Design, more cargo and, of course a higher selling prize. A solid - midclass transporter that will be usable by BD & GC forces and players.

There will be another additional base in the tekagi sphere - and a "black-market". It will be only possible to enter this base area by jumping through a nomad-style gate built by GC & BD forces in order to improve the existent defenses that have been restored over the years. The shield that was protecting the "head quarter" is about 4km large now. In the second sphere around tekagis asteroid are mines. They protect BD & GC new "home". The numerous defense turret of the base complex do the rest. The Kusari Navy and Police forces try desperately to stop the coalition from growing. The second base i place in the area will be a shipyard. A shipyard where battleships will be produced for Blood Dragon Special Force Units. The battleships already exists - when you look above. This will be the place where those ships will be produced by A.I. factions.


But this is not the only thing that will be new. Rheinland will get one additional system. This will be a "rebalance". Cause in my mod there are (in spite liberty - which is a newbie area) - high level places on all big sectors now - in spite of Rheinland. Rheinland will have the system "Bremen" connected to Leipzig and maybe Frankfurt. All those new systems above will be connected in the end version. But they will be connected in a way that "other" new systems will allow now balance touching "short" ways like abusive trade routes for example. The path won't be longer than in the original but take approximately the same amount while traveling through. There will just be additional options for setting routes to fly. And there will be new NPC factions and areas. In addition there will be a "Memories" area where all the old Hamburg City clans will be honored with - stuff.

Hello dear Freelancers,

my Freelancer Mod is on a good way. The "Hamburg City Features" are implemented into my Vanilla built. Many thanks to Nosferatu, HC-community and w0dk4! Finally i could close this chapter of modwork (some issues are there but will be solved on a long term) and started designing additional Star Systems.

The first additional system is System Tohoku - Kusari. It exists in the original version but was only available for singleplayer stoy campaign mode. The system was closed for the regular open world or multiplayer modes. Now Tohoku can be visited. But that is not the only thing. I put life into it by adding bases, npcs and two additional Kusari Shipclasses that "rebalance" the houses technologies. Kusari got a level 10 fighter and a solid midclass freighter - used by NPC's and players in the game.
In addition Tohoku became a "high-level" system. That means: Better A.I. enemies, harder missions and more competitive stuff inside. And the new "Tekagi's Base Complex" is really becoming a big thing:

The second additional system Bremen - Rheinland. There is not much known about it yet. Actually im creating an infrastructure. There will be allot additional stuff for Rheinland then. It will become a High-Level system, f.e.

So at the moment there exists a full working built of my mod. There are some minor bugs here and there - but it works fine. Me and my comrades had some funny moments with it in the past weeks.

So when will this be released?

 - Actually i could - but don't want to release it officially at the moment. I'm a perfectionist when we go over talking about game modding. And still - there always will be bugs (even if minor) in the end. So there are some  major and minor things of vital importance to me - that i wanna fix - and i would like to extend the "ingame" content. And i have to do allot story work. My version is set 200 years after the original story. This is history that i want to have explained by the game - ingame - when im playing. So i create many "infocards" and references to historical events.

How may it go online faster?

- Depends on the "feedback" of users - weather the basic version is still be played or not. My built is strongly vanilla oriented. It is designed to be operable on several pc computer systems with different age or OS conditions. That more people start to download and enjoy the original version - that more feedback they give - when having trouble installing it, getting through certain ingame missions or whatever. This way you as regular forum user can take part into the developing process and the release of a "new dimension" of basic freelancer will be near.

Current modwork todo-list:

--- Code: ---- solving all minor bugs after implementing new tohoku system design
- adding more content and systems
- balance npc factions - adding, designing and implementing new npc difficulty types and fleets
- finishing system Bremen
- adding new "border/edge" world systems with new factions and properties
- usage of "capital ships" - by players
- finishing FL-Hook version for FL-Memories
- adding "Terran" forces - (survivors from the nomad attack on earth)
--- End code ---

Here some screens showing the "Tohoku - Tekagi's base complex" micro development:

The album:


Tekagi base, shipyard & black market

The new Kusari "Macune" transport


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