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Poor Setekh.....

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Doh! Lack of clarity is a killer  

I mean't no sooner does he (Setekh) make the rules than he (Shrike) breaks them. I tried to edit this earlier buit some weird error popped up where the post wasn't visible even after refresh.

Where's the "read my mind" option in the posting screen?  

I would've posted something very sick, but its inappropriate...

aboard the GTB Ursa:

Alpha 1: Sir I can't get a lock with these Clycops #shorts!!!

Command: Keep in there Alpha 1, I don't care if you have 10 chimeras on your *** , just stay in there!!

Alpha 1: Get me out of here Command!!!

Command: Can't you get out yourself? Oh wait no you can't, I have all power over you...I command you to run a kamazake run on the Scylla!

Alpha1: I can't...give... in

Unknown Source: Use the force Alpha 1

Alpha 1: AHHHH!!!

*Alpha 1 fires cyclops #shorts*

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*Crux jumps in next to the Bastion*

Unidan: Attention Bastion, this is Captain Unidan of the GTVAeD Crux. We recieved a distress signal, and I'm picking up debris in the area. Hey, where the hell is the Argo Deus?

Bastion: No worries captain, the ship was destroyed and all hands were recovered.

Unidan:Hmmm... Let me talk with Captain Snipes

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Doesn't matter. You're all dead anyway.

Captain Snipes is in stasis. Preparing for transport back to Beta Cygni.


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