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Horrible hit detection on LAN?

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Hi all,
I was just playing FS2 MediaVPs 4.2.2, trying to go through the original campaign missions in a 2-player co-op over LAN. (I freshly installed Retail FS2, and knossos, on both PCs.) I noticed that the hit detection was pretty horrible. For example, on my screen, I'd hit my burners to close within 100m of an enemy fighter, hit them 50 times, but none of the hits counted on my partner's screen (my partner was host) and my target's shields/health never dropped. I'd like to ask, is this normal/expected for FS2 LAN?

In case you're wondering, I followed the suggestions posted in the FAQ post (eg. I set my connection type to LAN in the "multi" settings).

Additional detail: I got a warning that "one or more players is using hacked data tables" or something. Is that expected as well (given that both installations are fresh)? I figured it might come along with MediaVPs, but not sure.


That bad hit detection is normal indeed, and actually one of the SCP coders Cyborg is working very, very hard on updating it. Hacked data tables is also a normal thing that happens in my tests.

Wow, I didn't expect a reply that quickly. Thanks! And kudos to Cyborg.

I understand the game's code is written in C++, right? I have a limited amount of experience with C++ myself, but unfortunately no experience writing net code. Do you (or anyone else) think it might be worth me looking into pitching in to help?

Yeah, happy to help. Indeed, Cyborg has put in a massive amount of time and energy into working on updating it. The code is C++, I would say that's a question that Cyborg has to answer regarding extra help. In any case it's always great to have enthusiastic folks helping keep up motivation!

What I'm trying to do is a little involved.  It looks like it basically works, but I am doing some bugfixing and trying to some edge cases before asking people to beta test the whole thing. If you want I can PM you a build that has just improved object update packets and see if that has a significant impact on primary accuracy, while I try to finish implementing primary shot rollback.

Wookieejedi, it would be the same one I sent to you.


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