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"Hacked tables" strike again

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I am planning to set up few multiplayer games for with my firends. I set up an account on (ressurected) PXO and tried host a game. Everything goes fine, except when I try to start mission, I am getting two consecutive messages about hacked tables:

In Retail FS2 (launched via Knossos) everything is all right - I'm getting only the usual warning about starting multi-mission alone, but no hacked-tables warnings. The installation is new and clean, no old mods, no previous installations rubbish. I just downloaded FS2 from GOG, installed it, then used Knossos to install Freespace Upgrade Media VPs 4.4.1. From what I can see, I have also "MjnMixael's HD Mainhalls" - looks like it comes together with FSU Media VP's.

Did I f*cked something up in the process, or maybe I am missing something?

If there is no way to play with stats updated with Media VP's then we will play without them, but having all the promotions and medals stuff working will definitely improve immersion for new people I wanted to introduce into the game.  If you know the solution, we will be glad for help.  :)

I think the validated data is a bit out of date at the moment. I'll go through and grab current versions of FS Port and the various MediaVPs tonight and get everything updated. If you are using or needing any other mods let me know and I get those added/updated as well.

I try to keep everything up to date but have slacked off the past month or two. Eventually all of this stuff is going to be automated and PXO will always have current mod versions from Knossos validated.

MediaVPs 4.4.1, FS Port 3.6.8, and FS Port MediaVPs 4.3.5 have all be added. If you still have problems let me know.

Problem is gone, thank you very much!  :cool: For now, we plan to play test the game tomorrow evening -but if anyone wants to play multi this weekend, I'm gonna sit on the lobby afternons and evenings  (6PM GTM and later). I played last multi  games eons ago (mid-late FSNetD days), so there is probably a ton of new things to learn. I did a quick check on how multi-things are going in August 2020, but due to moving from Poland to UK in the same time, it was rather quick and shallow research.
I joined #PXO on HLP Discord, so if anyone wants to play, just let me know. I need to peel the rust off my Perseus' hull. :cool:

I would totally join. But I had an incredibly silly moment where I forgot my charger at the school and am now quarantined for two weeks.  My FSO computer is without a charger.  :blah:


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